Fund Manager

Peter de Witte

An 25 year veteran in the Real Estate and Financial Service Industry

As an 25 year veteran in the Real Estate and Financial Services Industry, Peter brings extensive knowledge and hands on experience in the fields of research and development, planning and construction of commercial and residential property. Peter has a long history as a successful lender, financing the purchase and development of numerous income producing properties.

Peter holds a degree in Business and Economics issued by the “Royal Athenaeum of Belgium”. He has enjoyed remarkable success, as an Executive Manager of a California based finance and development corporation. He is responsible for, and directly in charge of, creating and organizing market feasibility studies, company budget and cash flow projections as well as loan origination analysis.

As a long standing and well known executive in private lending, Peter brings the value of long term experience as well as current, critical and trusted knowledge of the complicated rules and regulations of the lending industry.

For more information, please contact Peter de Witte at 805-568-1660

Peter De Witte